Donnerstag, 21. Oktober 2010


Hello :)

Hey everyone,

So I'm just going to start with our little project here.
We got the idea for the Post-it blog over coffee and Hagen-Dazs one day. We talked about many fashion blogs and decided that we'd rather do a blog,that covers more subjects than just the latest H&M collections.
So we came up with a few sections:

1. Awesome Stuff - Covers fashion trends, news and new shopping conquests

2. Concerts - We always go to many concerts and festivals mostly Rock, Indie, and Electro but also Pop or HipHop concerts

3. Beauty - Perfumes for example my only true obsession

4. Songs - a selection of our favourite Songs at the moment

5. Still not cool - some things we personally do not like (please do not feel offended in
anyway if
you really like some of those things)

There will be more categories soon.
I hope you enjoy reading our blog, we will do our best to meet your
expectations :)